Who is Joel?

I am a very young at heart 40 something guy. I currently live in  the Dartmouth area of the HRM, (Halifax Regional Municipality) in the province of Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada.

I was born at the Victoria General Hospital in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick. My parents are Frederick (Freddy) John Brewer and Pamela (Pam) June Brewer (Esty). I have one sister, Mindy Jolene Brewer.

I went to elementary and junior high school at Keswick Valley Memorial School in Burtt’s Corner, New Brunswick.

I then attended Nackawic Senior High School until graduation.

After high school I attended the Academy of Learning where I received a Business Administration Diploma with Honors and I got married. I worked with the Tim Horton’s chain for a couple of years and then tried my hand at door to door sales.

I  joined the Navy as a Navel Electronics Technician. I moved to Halifax after completing boot camp. I completed 3 years of training and then decided military life is not for people like me who will not foolishly follow blind orders without a logical explanation of why things are being done the way they are.

I got a divorce and entered into a new relationship. I got a job with RDI and helped launch Eastlink’s Business Telephone Service.

I left RDI for a higher paying job at Minacs were I worked as a manager. I worked with MBNA Canada Bank and then helped launch the OnStar Program. I ended the relationship I was in and decided to get myself into better shape and try to live a more positive live. I dated a little and explored my options.

I decided that part of my more positive lifestyle would be too eliminate a lot of people habits and ideas from my life that were not positive or had a negative effect on the way I feel. That is not an easy thing to do at first, but then it doesn’t take long to see the difference it makes in your life.

I was headhunted to work at Rainmaker which I soon regretted doing. I left rainmaker and decided that if was what the contact center had come to I wanted no part of it. I tried my hand at selling security systems and found that Nova Scotia weather is not conducive to working outside.

I was headhunted to work at Darmos Toys where I enjoyed the best job I have ever had. I very happily worked there as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator. I was paid well, received great benefits, excellent perks and bonuses and was paid to travel to present our products at large functions and buying groups. Our company quickly became noticed as a leader in our industry and were bought out by Slinky. They moved operations to Detroit, MI. I stayed on long enough to wrap up operations in our Halifax office and sadly hung up my hat.

I then went to work at Staples contact center where I still worked as an Account Manager for almost 3 years.

After I left Staples I worked as a free agent for a year doing sales/customer service, admin, advertising and managed a website for one of my old Darmos Toys colleagues.

When the economy in the US crashed business got slow so I gave up on the self employment option for a career with one of the ‘Big Five’ banks as a Small Business Adviser.

I did that for a few years before deciding to go back into business for myself as a dog groomer. 

How long will I continue doing this? Only time will tell… here’s to seeing what tomorrow brings.


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