Fat VS Muscle

Did you know that muscle is much more dense than fat? It is… that is part of the reason people can’t believe that I weigh close to 200 lbs. I have a heavy musculature.

Two people of the same weight can have very different bodies.

Now, the thing to remember is, when you are losing weight, be sure your losing fat. Get a body fat scale so you don’t panic when you get on the scale and the lbs/KGs/stone aren’t dropping like you thought they should. Keep in mind that you can lose fat at the same time as you putting on muscle. This can, in turn make your total lbs/KGs/stones stay the same or even increase while your amount of fat is decreasing. This is fantastic for anyone trying to lose weight since muscle burns more calories than fat in its daily functioning. I have found in my experience that when I build a little muscle I find it easier to maintain my % of body fat. It is for this reason that today I am starting to organize my workshop so I can actually get to my home gym and dusting off my Kinect work out discs. Sumer is trying to come, and I really want to get out there and enjoy it this year… who’s with me? What do you do to get into shape after a very long, very cold winter helps you to put on a little extra insulation?

PS: It is my opinion that BMI is a horrible way to determine you fitness level. Everyone is built differently. At 5’11” and 185 lbs, standard BMI has me at a result of ~26, not far from obese. I will post a pic bellow of me at this weight. I am not at my target fitness, but would not say I’m super over weight. I would really suggest that you invest in a good digital scale that is able to give you your body fat % and hydration level. You can also use a measuring tape as a gauge as well, as long as you are careful to remember that you may be gaining muscle size while loosing fat. If all else fails, take a pic of yourself undressed. You will see changes in your face, arms, legs, bum, chest, belly and back that will tell you if you’re getting into shape!


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