Happy New Years…

Front room reindeer

Well here we are at the close of 2013 and looking at the horizon toward 2014!!! Where did the year go?!?!
I have to say, I am thankful that this years has been as good to me as it has… Hopefully next year carries on that trend and carries me on higher. I’m not really making any specific resolutions this year… just one big resolution. 
I resolve to do my best to make my life and the lives of those who I hold close to my heart… some of the pieces that make up that big picture might look like, looking for the positive anywhere I can, holding my tongue when things that don’t really matter in the larger scale grate on my nerves, making more time to give to myself, my better half and loved ones. 
Really I guess all of this boils down to one word: RESPECT. I want to respect myself and my creator by taking better care of my body/soul/spirit etc. I want to respect my loved ones by trying to find and show the positive where I can rather than pointing out the flaws in things. I think I may be spending more time than I need in  criticizing, critiquing and condemning things that really, in the big scheme of things are irrelevant. 
The first step in this resolution I think is thanking those that have been a part of my life, if only to show that I am grateful to have had a chance to cross paths with you. Did you ever stop to think that everyone you meet, no matter if you perceive the experience as good or bad, is helping to mould who you are? It’s true… Those that are a positive influence directly help to make you feel valued, respected and important, perhaps even loved. Those that seem to have a less positive role in your cosmic path teach you that you are strong enough to overcome things, perhaps show you that you are fortunate to not be in the situation that has made them who they are, or taught you that your view isn’t the only relevant view.

How about this year, we all resolve to just be better. Thank everyone for everything… Pay it forward by helping those who don’t expect your help. The elderly person trying to carry their purchase to their car, the single mother to pick up the items their toddler knocked over in the store, to hold the door for someone. Simple things. Remember, if they don’t hold the door for you, they are the ones that are hurt by that action. Don’t hold it against them, feel sorry for them for what ever caused them to not be happy right now. Something in their life is not going well, or they are not as well equipped with the experience, loved ones, or support system that you have that allows you to overcome what ever has made them sour. 

I wish everyone, friend and foe alike, the best year of all your years in 2014. I send you all a hug and a little love. 
Thank you to my family for loving me despite some of my choices in life, my true friends for always caring no matter how separated life may have made us, my best friend for ALWASY BEING THERE, my acquaintances for teaching me diversity, and everyone reading this for being interested enough in a simple boys life to even be reading this. 

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” 
― Charles R. Swindoll

so be sure to react in a way that will enrich your life… 😉


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