People really say no to things like this?


I overheard a conversation today at the store that really made me think about what’s going on inside people’s heads…

There were a couple of ladies chatting and when one asked the other how her son was doing her reply was; ‘He’s in good health, but he’s awfully stressed over a new wind farm they are thinking of putting into that area.’

The checkout lined moved along at a snails pace, so I got to hear some of her, or her sons talk points on the subject. I have to say, I have heard some of these before in forums and so on.

First, was the whole argument about the lowering the property value. I personally don’t see how this would happen. They aren’t putting the wind farm in his back yard or doing anything to his property. When I travel back home to visit my parents I drive by a couple of small wind farms, and I have to say, I find them very soothing. They are so tall and massive and they turn so slowly that they look kind of surreal. Besides, would you rather see these giant arms spinning in the distance or see and smell the black clouds of toxic waste bellowing out of rusty old smoke stacks?

The second point was that they are going to make his area so loud they no one will be able to hear themselves thing. The two wind farms that I drive by are fairly small, perhaps a dozen or so, but I have pulled over and rolled the windows down to see if they were loud, and heard nothing much to my amazement. I thought it would sound like a busy airport with jet engine roaring, but I think because the propellers are so long they turn very slowly and don’t cause a lot of noise.

Then there are the factors of what wind/solar can do for the environment versus what coal/nuclear/oil powered electricity producing technologies are doing to the environment. 

By the time the two ladies moved through the check out and I had to turn my attention to the cashier, I could hear them discussing what the people of that town will need to do to ensure the wind farm does not go forward. I was pretty disappointed to say the least.

I’m not sure what town is getting the wind farm, but I think every town should have wind/solar/tidal power. Especially here on the east coast, we have a lot of wind, which is an infinite resource… If they would allow ‘wind mills’ in the city I would be the first person to ask for my own in my back yard… I’m tired of paying a fortune to the power company so they can destroy the environment for a profit. 

What do you think, would you be for or agains renewable energy in your town?


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