My new favourite appliance…

Made with my breakfast sandwich maker.
Made with my breakfast sandwich maker.

So I found a new favourite appliance… I have fallen short on time to make breakfast at home like I should lately. This has meant trips to the drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich more often that I really cared for. I really don’t like sitting in my car in the morning waiting for people to place their orders, count out their nickels and then inspect every item they purchased to make sure they got what they asked for. I also don’t like the idea that sometimes when you look in the window at the employees, you have to wonder when or if these people bathed recently… But what do you do?
Well… I was watching a YouTube video for ideas on what to have for supper and clicked on a wrong link and saw a review for this little tiny machine by Hamilton Beach that allows you to make a breakfast sandwich in the comfort of your own him in 5 minutes!!! So I did what I always do when I’m interested in a new product. I watched a few review videos, good and bad to make sure I had all the ups and downs, watched the ‘infomercial’ and then price shopped the item on all the local retailers websites.
There were only two stores that seemed to carry it, Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Wal-Mart was the cheaper of the two at $19.88 and B,B & B had it for $29.99. I figured, if I was going to drive to the Crossing to get one, I might as well take a peek at Canadian Tire, Tweed and Hickory, Future Shop, Best Buy, Costco and Staples since they are all within 5 minutes of each other. Some places knew of the item but had no stock and others thought it sounded fantastic, but had never heard of it before. I went to the Wal-Mart to get the cheaper one, but they were sold-out so I went to B,B & B just to take a look at the build quality before driving across the harbour to another Wal-Mart where they had the in stock. While I was looking at it an associate came over to ask me if I had found everything, so I decided I would ask her if she had tried it, or heard from anyone who had. She said she hadn’t used one personally but heard customers telling other customers how great it was. I thanked her for her help and mentioned that I would be going to Wal-Mart to get one cheaper, she offered to help me ‘Price Match’ it.
When I got home I made a sandwich in it. Very simple to use… it has a couple of chambers divided by a ‘trap door’. You plug it in and pre-heat it, spray it with cooking oil, put the bottom half of your biscuit, bun or what ever ‘bread’ your using in, put your cheese on that and then your meat, you lower the second chamber, put in your egg, put on your top bun, close the lid and wait 5 min. I have tried all kinds of breads, cheeses and meats and they are all fantastic.

Some tips should you decide to buy one:

  • I have found that if you don’t use the oil, the egg will stick a little and can make a mess.
  • The meat must be pre-cooked.
  • Pierce your yolk to make the egg more uniform and the top bun sit better.
  • Let the whole thing cook a couple of minutes before placing your top bun on, or the but will sink into the egg. This doesn’t change the taste at all, just makes it look better and easier to handle.
  • DON’T push down on the ring’s handles unless the lid is down as well, the rings are removable and will pop out if you don’t close the lid before ‘squashing’ your sandwich to fit. The rings get VERY hot.
  • When you open the lid, and slide the trap door to assemble your sandwich, then lift the rings out-of-the-way, DO NOT grab the sandwich with your hands. It will be VERY hot. I find it best to hold your saucer beside the machine and slide the sandwich onto the saucer to cool for a min.
  • If you are going to a few sandwiches in a row, each one will need a little less time as the machine is already really hot.
  • If you want your sandwich on a bagel, use the small ones, the large ones won’t fit.
  • If you make your own sausage rounds, press your meat very flat and make them about 4 times as big as you want the finished product. They seem to get thicker and shrink in diameter at the same.
  • If you like your buns a little chewy like McDonald’s (yuck), you can wrap them in waxed paper when they are still warm. They buns can get pretty well toasted in the machine.

All in all, I have made enough sandwiches in a week to have paid for it. I paid $19.88+tax for the machine and I think at Tim Horton’s a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich comes in just under $4.00. So that and the gas you would waste means it doesn’t take long to pay for the machine. And you get to make it anyway you wish and you know how clean your hands and kitchen are…

If you have one, let me know what you think…


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