Where did Christmas go?

So, here we are just a couple of days before Christmas and outside of my house it doesn’t feel at all like Christmas. Well, not the Christmas that I love and cherish.
When I go out, I see hoards of exhausted, frowning people complaining about the crowds, weather, parking, buying for people they don’t really care for… I could go on, but why add to their gloom…
Not that I don’t understand exactly what they are going through… at work our Christmas party has been scaled back to a half our break where they served us turkey dinner… every bill I could possibly have came in this month… the oil tank needed filling… I could go one… but…what will that help…
It seems that Christmas has basically become a time to see how far we can stretch our credit buying such thoughtful gifts as ‘gift cards’ and such.
So… what would make it a perfect Christmas for me? Well, thats simple. Inside my house, things could pretty much stay the same… Christmas tree up and lit, Christmas music from every era playing in the back ground and a heart warming drink in my hand. The only thing that could make it nicer inside is if more friends had more time so they could come and sit and relax in a friendly, stress and drama free environment. If they wanted to bring gifts, it wouldn’t need to be the latest trend or fad, it could simply be some home made sweets, or a small gift that truly made them think of me when they saw it…
Outside of my house… well, how about going back to a 60’s social mentality? You know, Smile at everyone that walks by if you know them or not. Saying “Merry Christmas” to each other. Holding a door, saying “after you”, “please” and “thank you”.

So, the long and the short of my post is this: My Christmas Wish would be for everyone to have an old fashion Christmas.

Merry Christmas to You….


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