Why does bad feel so good?

Do you ever feel like it would just be easier to be bad than to be


I know I do. We see it everyday. From the food we eat to the way we treat others and ourselves. Let’s face it, it seems more enjoyable to

eat sweets, bread, big macs, sugary fat filled foods than to eat fruits, veggies and meat! How about staying in bed for an extra hour in the morning reading emails or on Facebook instead of getting up and going for a run or doing a workout…
Life would be so much simpler if we received more pleasure from doing what’s best for us… If broccoli tasted like cheese cake and Big Macs tasted like medicine maybe there would be fewer obese or overweight people today. If working out gave us the same thrill as getting away with something we probably shouldn’t do there might be more six pack abs around… But alas, it comes down to reprogramming ourselves to know that certain things harm us physically, mentally or emotionally and other things make us stronger in those areas. Then we have to learn to love what we are doing for our bodies, minds, lives when we practice good/healthy choices and to hate the idea of what damage we are doing when we stray… It’s easier to hate what saturated fat, chemicals and carbs are doing to my body than trying to convince myself that fast food isn’t delicious. But once you start exercising and eating natural organic and unprocessed foods, there is no going back. It’s hard to give up feeling good, having energy and feeling attractive… Go ahead, give it a try… What do you have to loose except maybe some weight.


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