No rest for the weary.

I haven’t really done anything too strenuous today but I’m still wiped out from the week/weekend. My nephew Travis came to stay with Jackie and I for the week last week and I wasn’t able to get any time off work so between my regular schedule and household duties I played host and tour guide to Travis. We did see and do quit a bit though. On friday Jackie went to Wolfville to get Saint Marys credits transferred to Acadia so as to qualify for a major in accounting/finance. After work Travis and I drove down to Wolfville to meet Jackie and the three of us went to dinner and a double feature at the Valley Drive-In theatre. That was really nice. On Saturday we took Travis shopping at some of the larger malls then had to get ready fir a dinner party at our friends Jamie and Nate’s place. It was a great party. Tons of great food, lots of good friends, a steady stream of libations and no shortage of laughs. We ended up staying the night. On Sunday we got up, went home and got Travis then went to breakfast before starting our journey back to Fredericton to take Travis home. Once we got there my family insisted we stay for supper so we didn’t get back home till after midnight. We woke up at six so I could take Jackie to the airport to catch a flight to Taipei. I drank an energy drink before driving home so as not to fall asleep, but then when I got home I couldn’t sleep at all so I ripped out and replaced the plumbing under the kitchen sink. Then I had to go to work. Thank God it was a short shift. I woke up yesterday feeling somewhat refreshed so I decided to dismantle the stove and fridge and scrub them down before work. I got home from work last night and again could not sleep! Jackie called at two am and I was still awake. Needless to say, there was no maniacal cleaning session at seven am this morning. I need done sleep. Good thing I’m at work. Lol.

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