The weekend….



Finally a quiet weekend… no parties… no clubbing… not exactly relaxing all weekend… but a nice change all the same. I was a little disappointed in the weather, but what can you do…. we do live in Nova Scotia… and as they say here… if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes… lol…. On Friday night we just did a kind of family fun night… we had a few drinks and played the Game of Life and Yatzee… it was fun…. I always like our little family nights. On Saturday I got up and decided it was time to organize my office. I had been putting it off because I thought we were going to be putting Pam’s computer in there and I didn’t want to put anything in the corner I would have put her desk into. So I unpacked all the boxes that were waiting to see if there was going to be room and started putting stuff away. I realized that I am in short supply of wall shelves and counter space. I worked on my webpage a little to clean up some of the links and worked on Mikey’s website a little. Cleaning the office took most of the day while Pam did laundry and Stephan and Mikey worked all day…. I was going to go to Bayer’s Lake to look at some new desk chairs but never got to it. Its amazing how long it takes to clean an office….  after Stephan got home we had a couple of drinks until Mikey got home then me and Mikey went to Wal-Mart to see if they had any office chairs, and I also wanted to look at wall shelves. They didn’t have any chairs I liked and their shelves were really poor quality and way over prices. I decided I am going to build my own. I did however find a nice electronic dart board that keeps score for you. Its really cool. I got a really good deal on a big 5 shelf unit for the garage to put all my power tools on. Should make a big difference in keeping that area organized. I also found a huge bucket of cleaning supplies on for about $10.00, When we got home we all watched Grudge 2 and then Domino…. both really good movies.  Stephan made mine and Pam’s favorite dip… I’m not sure what’s in it… but you can taste and smell garlic for days… lol…On Sunday Mikey and Stephan both had to work again so Pam and I got some more stuff done around the house. She put the big bucket of cleaning stuff to use and I took the bathroom doors apart because they both were sticking and very hard to close. I sanded the tops down so they would close better and had to re-align the latch mechanism on the upstairs bathroom because it was about half an inch too low so when the door did close it wouldn’t latch properly. It was what I consider a good morning…. I got fix some stuff… got to use my jigsaw, mouse sander, belt sander, and a chisel. Luckily for me Pam was not done cleaning, so I didn’t have to clean up after myself. I then decided that I should use a big piece of MDF that I have in the garage to make wall shelves. I should be able to get about 4 good sized shelves out of it. I have all the tools I needed except one… a router…. I went to Kent and looked around and found a great Skill Router on sale and I also got some bits for a really good price and a really nice key hole bit. (that’s what they use to make that hole that you hang things with).  Then I met up with Mikey at one of his jobs and then we went to dinner with his parents for mothers day. We went to Eastside Mario’s. After that we came home and played darts for a while. Then I checked my email and wrote this…. off to bed now…. morning comes early…. night all…

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