Monday after a long weekend and I’m already yearning for next weekend… I had a pretty good weekend… it strikes a funny cord in the back of my mind when saying that becuase 10 years ago, this would have been a boring weekend… lol… how time changes us… I had Friday off work so I spent the day doing small reno projects around the house to kill time waiting to go out with some of my form Darmos Toys co-workers. We met at the Pogue Fado for a bite and drinks. I had the Smokey Chicken Flatbread Pizza, it was really good. Like a soft think crust BBQ Chicken Pizza, and a bottle of beer. Paul, had chicken fingers with veggies and vodka and seven – he said the fingers were great but the veggies werent any good. Glen had blackend haddock and beer. We did some shots of tequilia were joine dy Donnie and Keith. We then moved inside as its starting to get chilly in the evenings, whats that all about?, it’s august! we drank and drank and laughed and told stories and did all sorts of interesting shots… the ones that come to mind are ‘bottle caps’, ‘lemon drops’, and ‘porn stars’. All very tasty… then Donnie and Keith left and the 3 of us that remained went to Parade square where Paul got some fries from a ‘Fry Truck’… and we had fun chating with some other people that were hanging out there, then we went to pizza corner where Paul and Glen got pizza… we walked around a bit, said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways. I think it was shortly after 4 when I crawled in…  then Stephan and I put the drywall up on the closet we built in the entry way, I finshed putting my swords, masks, and some pictures/plaques up in my office and some shelves and pictures up in other parts of the house. I did about 10 loads of laundry and built a shelf in my room to put extra bedding on becuase I don’t have room in my closet for it. I did some more crack filling and watched a movie. On Sunday I helped Stephan get the kitchen in shape, there are endless loads of dishes, he ‘MacTacked’ the cupboards with a pretty sharp black and white check print and watched another movie… pretty boring, but pretty productive… adn Stephan and I had some good quality time… something most family overlooks…
But one thing resonated in my mind the whole weekend. I feel alone. I have tons of great freinds. I have family that loves me. But I don’t really have anyone that has wants nothing more than to be mine. If you have ever read one of my blogs, you know what I want in a sould mate. Someone who truely loves/respects/cherishes and wants nothing but that in return from me. And then I think, ‘How can I think about starting a relationship when I don’t have everything in my own life in order at this point?’ I don’t own my own house, I am renting a house, a great hobbie house. I really like it… but no mater if it’s a deal or not… it’s not mine. I don’t own a car any more. I sold my car when I lived/worked/socialized down town and it was costing more to have the car than it was worth so I sold it. Now that I live in the Village I wish I had it again, but with the cost of parts and insurance and gas spiraling out of control is it really justifiable? But if I had that special someoene in my life I would want to be able to take them places, without using public transit. My finances are not 100% right now. I know a lot of poeple with a LOT more debt than me, but I am far from free and clear and don’t really make enough right now to clear it all up in a year.  And I have gained some weight and just cant seem to find the time to get back on top of the work out thing right now… traveling for work eats up a lot of time and then the renos… well… free time is not in abundance… and half the time that I have free time… I am tired from working and stuff… and I know I would feel better, more positive and therefore things in my life would become more positve if I were working out regularely but… oh well… I guess I need to think about priorities and get a game plan into action. I need a life coach and a work out buddy… lol…

Anyway… I need to get off here quit putting people to sleep… keep smilng… it could always be worse…


One thought on “Changes…

  1. First time here, shit I must be bored, your alittle deeper that I thought….scary.  Well since deepness comes and goes with me….sorry nothing for you tonight

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