Changeing Seasons…

Another summer has come and gone… all too quickly I might add.  So what did this summer bring?
I accepted a position with a company that I must say, is the best I have ever worked for.  One where every person is valued, opinions are sought, good ideas and valiant efforts not only applauded, but rewarded.  And the pay, hours, environment and benifits are very pleasing.
I not only surviived my experiment in living in a quite ‘Dartmouth’ suburb, but actually quite enjoyed it. The neighboors are nice, the area quite, not totaly secluded, but not in the main line of traffic.  Rent is cheaper for an over abundance of space, the pool stayed cool all summer and the lake is clean.  I was really quite shocked at how much I have enjoyed getting away from ‘downtown living’. 
My social life has flurished as I have meet many nice friends, gotten out for a some much needed travelling, and attended a fair number of ‘social gatherings’.  I have to say that this year I have actually found that there can be a balance between the party life and quite social gatherings. 
Would i say there is anything missing this year?  Well, the year is not over yet, but I do regrete that I didn’t make it sky diving this year.  A few of us had a few different dates planed, but we got rained out, had a member of the team go through the loss of a loved one and a couple of relatively minor road blocks.  But there is always next year.  I really wanted to try some really big rock climbing and some really big rapids, but just couldn’t seem to find the time.  Again… there is always next year.  I am still young and healthy so I am not too concerned about it yet.
Is there anything I would have done differently this year?  Yes.  I would have tried to keep in closer contact with some of my older friends.  It can be difficult when you are making new friends, networking and what not, but that is really no excuse.  Sorry guys…
But all in all, I am sad to see summer go, not at all looking forward to the cold and wet weeks of winter ahead… but I know they are comming and will make the best of them.  I hope you have all had a good summer, full of friends, prosperity and loved ones….

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